Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Session 3 Activity 2 Survey Report

Student Survey Report
Tan Tian Hao


This student survey is designed to have a better understanding the students’ personalities.
From this survey, students enrolling in SST are likely to be doing well in their academics and and to choose science related fields as their careers in future. They are also exposed to different varieties of sports.


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Video Clip That Caught My Attention

Title: The End of Space and Time
The video basically describes what space and time is and different theories.
  • I learnt that mass curves space and time.
  • I also learnt that when you disconnect your television, we would see static and that is because the small protons and the cosmic background radiation influencing the reception
  • I also learnt about the start of the universe and how it began

About me

My name is Kevin Tan Tian Hao but you may just address me as Kevin .
My hobby is reading and when I have completed my work and I have free time I will usually take out a book to read.
I do like to do things that require you to use your brain like puzzles and riddles.
I enjoy talking to people especially when we have the same interests!